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Singer-Songwriter April Barrows survived the sixties in San Francisco. When she graduated from high school she got her musician's union card, but had to work to support her younger sister. A few years later, she ran away to Nashville to be a musician. She struggled for recognition as a sideman, then spent several frustrating years writing jazz songs in the home of country music. Today, however, April is celebrating her first national release and a multi-record deal with Kokopelli Records. Indeed, listening to April Barrows' story it begins to sound like one of the songs that regularly emanate from her adopted home, Nashville. April's life- and her compositions- are much deeper than that. Her debut release, My Dream is You, features two cover tunes (a Duke Ellington piece and a Nat King Cole song) as well as ten originals. It is her originals - a rich blend of immensely contemporary lyrics and solidly rooted swing melodies - that make April stand apart from other newcomers on the music scene.